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One of the goals of our organization is to offer a variety of different health professionals to speak upon their experiences and how they got to be in the position they are. We hope to offer insight and knowledge to our club members that can prepare them for a career in health professions. DPHO strives to make sure every member is comfortable and welcomed in order to work together in fulfilling their life and career goals.




I was born in Laredo,Texas, but raised in Eagle Pass. Coming from a small town made me seek a large city like San Antonio. Hence why I chose the University of Texas at San Antonio as a pre-dental student majoring in biology. My end goal is to become a dentist and provide dental care to small towns, such as my hometown. As a Mexican-American, DPHO has helped me embark into an organization of people that all share the ideals towards achieving our goals.



I am a pre-dental student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I was born and raised in the small town of Galveston, TX. My ultimate goal is to become a dentist to be able to provide dental care to underdeveloped communities. As an Iranian-American being involved in DPHO has provided me the opportunity to be part of a community of people that embraces different cultural backgrounds in pre-health professions. One of our main goals for our organization is to ensure that everyone feels included, I hope that we can provide our members a diversified community where everyone is welcomed to join.



I was born and raised in Eagle Pass,Tx and came to further my education at the University of Texas at San Antonio with a major in biology. My passion and goal is to become a dentist and serve my community through volunteer service and affordable dental care. I wanted to leave my mark and find a way to socially network with students from different backgrounds who have similar career plans. Being a Mexican-American and part of DPHO has truly impacted my student life by feeling accepted and I hope to see many new members experience the benefits of joining this organization.



APRIL 2022

Zoom Meetings and Volunteering Opportunities

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